Why I’m not going on Britain’s Got the X Factor Voice

Settle down kids, this is going to be either a very short one or a very long one! but it’s gunna be one.

A lot of people say ‘Why don’t you go on[Insert terrible TV ‘Singing’ Competition]?’ and I’m hear to say stop saying that; you don’t know the ramifications that that has on someone’s career. ‘Oh but the exposure’, no! it’s not worth it!

Let’s start at the beginning. I am done with competitions for now. Auditioning for Music Schools, trying out for shows, playing at open mic nights. No! I’m done! I am in such a niche field that having to compete with others isn’t a thing I have to do. When there are 5 Singing Harpists in Cardiff and we’re all competing for the same gigs, then I will start trying out for things. But I refuse to take my skills and pit them against others who have not spent as much time and effort creating a career for themselves and view [Insert terrible TV ‘Singing’ Competition] as an easy fix to get past the years of actually having to do work. sure, if you’re a singer song-writer go on[Insert terrible TV ‘Singing’ Competition] make all the money you can and then linger round clubs and try and get recognised! I don’t want that. I want a slow and well deserved build, I want to get to the top of the mountain and look down and see every single step I took to get there and have that sense of fulfilment that you won’t get if you go on [Insert terrible TV ‘Singing’ Competition]. 

So, you’ve done the ‘auditioning’. Now you’ve got to go up against other ‘singers’. I am a very well rounded person who is incredibly mean when I’m competitive. This would make for fantastic television but would also haunt me throughout my very short career. I’d like people to think I’m a very nice and calm person who is both professional and fun. If you create your own career you have better control of how you are represented, Look at Joni Mitchell and Rolling Stone.

So, you’ve won or you’ve lost or you’ve come in blah place at [Insert terrible TV ‘Singing’ Competition], what now? Well, if you won you will probably have to push out a couple albums, go on some tours. There won’t be any development, you’ll make pop you won’t make art.

If you Look at great artists like Melody Gardot or Corrine Bailey-Ray, if you look at their albums and their music their’s a growth and a development as artists that makes their music interesting. If you listen to an [Insert terrible TV ‘Singing’ Competition] alumni their albums are all exactly the same their isn’t the same level of class. Also their contracts aren’t as good, you don’t get enough of the profit and they work you silly.

So, You’ve graduated from [Insert terrible TV ‘Singing’ Competition] and it’s 5 years later… you’ve done your two records, you’re UK tour… what are you going to do now…? get gigs? go work in the music industry…? you will be ‘that singer from [Insert terrible TV ‘Singing’ Competition]’ until you die… that will be your label. You will be branded with that iron!

So, I’m not going on [Insert terrible TV ‘Singing’ Competition] until I’ve exhausted all my other options… so I’ll see you on there in my late 30’s.

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