Being a Grown Up is Hard.

I wanted to talk about buying a house. because we are in the middle of it, it will probably have taken us 6 months before we’ve even been given a key and It’s what’s occupying a lot of my mind at the moment.

This isn’t about music, being a singing harpist or anything like that, but it’s my blog and I will do what I like (because I’m pretty sure, only 4 people read this!)

So, We found the perfect house in March and put in an offer the offer got accepted, out mortgage got approved, and we were all set to draw up contracts. However, up until last week our venders haven’t been able to find a property. Which was fine because we’re in our flat until August so there wasn’t any rush. However, when you’ve been set to move for 3 months and then being told that you have another 3 months to wait until you can move it’s a lot like waiting for the latest train of your life (or the earliest depending on your view of the world). You know, when you’ve missed the last one and you have to wait 3 hours on the platform for the next one? yeah… it’s like that but it’s costing you three times as much to sit on the platform that is does to be on the train…

In my wonderful world as a free-lance musician ‘economy’ is everything. From Breath economy musically, to financial economy. Finding the best use of my time and money is really important. In our current money pit, we’re paying 3 times the amount that our mortgage will be and it’s 1/3 of my monthly income most months to cover all rent and bills. This means that there is not that much left over to actually have a life! so my days off are spent being bored and annoyed that I can’t go out and make money. Being self-employed as a musician is very feast and famine at times. So, when I’m paying three times as much for something that I don’t own verses paying 1/3 and slowly paying off the price of a building that I will own; you can see why I’m getting impatient. It’s Realestate purgatory.

This is coupled with the stress of trying to save for a pedal harp. If I were to stay in our current flat I would take about 3 years to have enough set aside for it without leaving me totally vulnerable. You have to look at the instruments you can afford and also what you can afford to spend without having a crushing fear that you won’t be able to afford to buy groceries… It’s very  stressful!

However, this whole experience has thrown myself and my housemate into the deep end in terms of ‘how to adult’. Learning all about how to buy a house, mortgages, life insurance, home insurance. All that jazz makes for a very grounding feeling! And then to have it take such a long time and be the only interesting/big project you’ve got going on in life it just sits at the front of your brain… for 6 months!

I’m doing so many great things with work but it’s just sitting there niggling away! It’s the worst!


Apart from this very big, life changing and adult thing, I’m also sorting out professional recording equipment for my studio and amplification so I can take my big harp busking!



It’s all going to be fine! I’m just very privileged and I should probably stop complaining about that and unpack my suitcase… you know… the privilege one and the one I packed when our offer was accepted….. that’s been sat there for a while…


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