Doing a Vlog.

I’m going to do a vlog next week (it’ll be two weeks ago when this comes out)

It’s just because I have an interesting week and it’ll let people see what I get up to on my day to day! it’ll be just a week thing. I’m not putting that much effort into every week (I’d rather just get on with my work)

Here is just a run down incase I edit it weird.

So, Monday (weather dependent, day off usually)

Tuesday, playing at an event in Pontypridd for the Mayor!

Wednesday I’m playing at a cool event in Roath Park Pub for my friend Rosey! (haven’t planned my set yet!)

Then my usual busking Thursday, Friday and then Saturday Hilton, Followed by a potential Cardiff Consort rehearsal, then Sunday Hilton and teaching!

That’s what a typical week looks like but I think a little vlog would be a fun thing to do!

We’ll see!




Here it is!

I didn’t enjoy doing it as much as I thought… If I ever have a really good and exciting week again I’m just going to get another person to do all the filming and editing because it was a lot of effort and the best bits weren’t filmed because I was doing stuff!



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