Pump up the Jam, Pump up the Volume

Someone Got an Amp! and that someone is ME!


I’ve put off getting an amp for a good two years because I hate amplified music! I don’t like it when you pass a busker in Cardiff and they have a whole P.A. System just to be heard. I am very lucky in that my busking harp ‘cuts through’ very well and my voice can project and resinate well in a bad or no acoustic. So I was already pretty dubious about amplifying my harps as when I’ve amplified them in the past it doesn’t sound as nice and it takes loads of different microphones to make pick it up!


So, last month I decided to sort out some amplification as I am not heard very well on very busy Saturdays at the Hilton or at busy wedding receptions etc! So I bought myself a pick up for my harp which I installed and then I bought an amp when I was happy with the sound I was getting from my pick up. My pick up, for those wondering is a Big Twin K&K which was suggested to me by a Harp trio (Schrodringers Strings)

It works really well!

Then two other harpists suggested a Rowland Cube for the amp as it’s portable and great for harps! So I got that! I didn’t, however, have a working phone or bring my camera when I went busking yesterday when I went to test out my amp with my big harp so you’ll just have to take my word for it! It works great! I can’t wait to play more busy events with it! It fits all in my harp case and makes life that little bit easier! No more ‘I couldn’t really hear it!’ because now you can turn it up and down depending on the amount of people! Roll on Wedding season!

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