Conversion Therapy

blah blah blah, you all know I’m moving to Carbon Fibre strings, here’s how it’s going!

Honestly, it’s great! but here’s the details about all the harp things!

So, my harp is designed to have concert tension strings so I didn’t want to reduce the whole harp’s tension because that would make the harp sad! So I have replaced all the strings an octave down, so my B3 is the string for B4 which is the same sort of tension and size as it’s gut counterpart!

The top octaves I’m replacing as appropriate because they are a lot nicer and have a better ping when it’s a lighter touch!

The lower octaves, mainly 4th octave has such a nice feel as gut strings that I think I will be replacing them with gut strings because then it has a nice sound and makes me feel like I’m playing a double bass…Although my bank balance will not like that!

The brass wires on the bottom I will also be replacing with concert tension because they just have a good feel and I like to really bang my lower octaves because I’m basically a four year old with incredible musical talent!

So, that’s just a quick update and that string things… are you still reading? yeah, didn’t think so!