Hilton Cardiff Residency, Part 2, The Good-ish, The Bad and The ‘I’ve been Here a year now…’

Welcome to part two of this adventure into my 22 Month residency as the resident harpist at the Hilton Cardiff.

So, It got to March 2016 and I started getting discontented with it all. What had been a major part of my work had now become something I loathed doing and had very little benefits.

There are two main reasons why I was so irritated by it at this time. Firstly, I was completely ignored, by people dinning but also by the staff. I would come in for my regular spot and there wouldn’t be a place for me, they wouldn’t have that many bookings but they would’ve put a table where I usually played or something silly like that. They were all lovely but after a year of being there every single weekend there was no anticipation, I would always start bang on 2pm and I would have to ask every time for them to turn the music off so I could start… which would’ve been fine If it wasn’t so regular! If it was a rare and special occasion where I didn’t work there every single weekend, I could understand but if you know it’s going to happen why not just do it…? Similarly, on my first day there I asked for a glass of water (I know! WHAT A DIVA?!?!?!?!? GLAMOROUS!!!) but I went up to the bar every single time I was there and got a glass of water… It was only until August of this year, after a year and a half of being there, that someone actually just started putting a glass of water on the bar for me… It’s such an easy thing, I’m not J-Lo levels of ‘I need everything in my dressing room to be white’, but it’s such a simple thing that they didn’t bother with for some reason.

I wasn’t contracted to work there, I just turned up and hoped I got paid. This was discussed during our first meeting, and because I was a push over at this point (again, I was making so little money that I was more desperate to pay my rent than to make sure I was given decent living wage and benefits of working for a big company), At this point I’m sure even the florist there has more job security than me.  I will talk at length about what I would’ve done better in the final part of this series but for now I will say this. This year there will be more self-employed people than public sector workers, if we aren’t teaching them how to be self-employed people when they are in full-time education then we’re pretty much dooming an entire generation of people who will come out into the big wide world and get screwed over.


Next Week: Part 3, What Did I learn?


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