What’s In My Bag? PART I BUSKING!

Surprise! it’s something no one asked to know but I thought it was about 40% more interesting than all the other ‘What’s in my bag’ nonsense where it’s just videos of people carrying too much stuff around with them.


This is What’s in my Gig bags! (Busking edition)

So for about 6 months I was using a canvas bag to take all my stuff busking with me, which was rubbish! If you’re carrying a harp on your back the worst thing to then do is carry more weight unevenly!

So I got this great rolling bag. It looks very business I know!



So, going in order of what is closest to me when I’m working, I have my ‘bum bag’ or ‘fanny pack’ during the summer months because I never have any pockets! Lady buskers need pockets! I put my keys and phone in there and away I go!


The Front pocket

is sort of the ‘Forgetable pockets’ where I put things and then forget I’ve put them there… those business cards are a prime example, unless it is directly related to a gig I will forget about any cards that are just given to me unrelated etc. (that being said I should probably get in touch with ‘musiCare’.


So there’s some suncream (because you’re outside in the middle of august duh), some fancy handcream my mother bought me! a kazoo for shenanigans, a broach I’ve been looking for for about a month and more handcream!

Middle Pocket


This pocket is the most used, It has my tuner! It usually have my purse in it, It has some gloves for winter (in winter I wear fingerless gloves and then put sleeve gloves over the top! some Nakd bars and tissues!

Big Back Pocket


This is the business pocket! If I’ve brought my ipad and music stand it goes in this pocket. This is the business pocket with cards, flyers, sign etc. It was my water in it and a hat for winter! It also has a cape in it during transitional periods where a thick winter coat isn’t yet appropriate but it might be a bright sunny day!


That’s it! my stool is attached to the handle! Simple easy! works well!


Turning for part two next month where we look at the big grown up gig bag!