What’s In My Bag? (Part II!)

The big grown up work bag! (ok… well it’s a back pack)

follow on from last month’s post this is what’s in my gig bag for my big harp, there are also tips and tricks for harpists to cut down the amount of stuff you need to take to gigs!DSC_0035

so I’ve had this Longchamp back pack for years! (which is why it’s got marks on it, surprise! If you actually use things they look used!)

My big harp has two large pockets on it which are a life saver and something I will have to get on a pedal harp if I ever upgrade!

In the lower pocket is my string stash! with a spare of every string on my harp and then some! (keep your spares for the instrument on the instrument… easy!)


The top pocket has my ipad in it with all my sheet music on it, my music stand bottom (but not the ipad holder for space reasons) and my amp if I need to have it, I don’t like doing long journeys with it in this pocket because it presses on the strings and mucks up my tuning, but it’s fine for a trip to a gig close by.


In my back pack!


so I try to have copies of my EP (now available on itunes and Spotify! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-live-ep/id1122934406


I have business cards, Random loose change from when people have put it in there. I have to top half of my music stand! my breakdown card for my car (one is on my harp, one is in my car! Smart cookie I know!) A pair of scissors for string changes, tuner, hair brush, deodorant (because I was getting to gigs and realising I hadn’t put any on), some lip stick because why not, and the power plug for my amp so I don’t have to use it’s batteries!


Here’s some tips for harpists.

Never bring a chair unless you have no idea where you’re going. I always used the piano stool at the Hilton and just a chair at a venue if I’m only playing a wedding ceremony or something short! I don’t need to lug a chair around all the time. If you have to, get a stool for the car. easy! just leave a chair in your car so it’s one less thing to carry around so you can get out the house quicker.

digital! get rid of your sheet music folder and just do pdf’s of your gig music! unless you’re going to be playing full concert work and you need to make a million notes, it’s the way forward!

Make everything one trip. I have found this so easy! If I take a chair to gigs it’s one that can be hooked on to the back of my trolley so my hands are completely free!

be ready before you get there. wear the shoes you’re wearing, do the hair and makeup before the gig, it just makes it easier! unless you’re wearing a full gown, this will solve your problems!

get a big backpack! Shoulder bags are for dumbies! get a back pack! it’ll never get in the way of you trying to get your harp to and from places and you can hook it on to your stool or chair at the venue!

Get key rings you can put your fingers through! If I’m taking my harp to the car and don’t have pockets I just put my fingers through my key rings and tadah! free hands!

I’m sure I’ll think of more of these tips in time! Stay tuned!

This Week’s Music Video!


We’re slowly getting to the end of some of the pieces I recorded before I upgraded equitment, so enjoy the poor sound! the fancy, studio quality and good set decoration ones start next week in preparation for christmas! (There’s even good lighting in them now because I know how to do that!)