My Dream 2017 Project

So, I no longer have my regular gig at the Hilton Cardiff to distract me and take ages paying me for work, so I thought it was about time to lay out plans for my ‘dream concert/recording’ in 2017. I’m doing what people do when they tweet about trying to lose weight. If it’s out there it’s more likely to happen. Or I’ll probably chicken out but at least I put it out there.

My favourite singer/performer of all time is Pearl Bailey. If you don’t know who that is then here’s a clip of her being wonderful with Dinah Shore!

She’s fun and a half in every performance!

Anyway, she influences most of my music decisions in life… well her and Joyce Didonato… because I can dream!

I have had her albums on my ipod for years and it wasn’t till I became a decent harpist (and by ‘harpist’ I mean ‘Problem solver’), that I started working on wonderful Jazz standards that I love listening to Pearl do. Pearl Bailey, Sarah Vaughan and all that Jazz. (And I only really like Ella Fitzgerald when she’s scatting, because then you’re like ‘Oh! She’s incredible!’)

Back to the point, 2017 I want to do a concert and an EP that’s just wonderful Jazz Standards belted out by yours truly and accompanied by my lovely harps, and a jazz trio behind me. I’d love a double bassist, drummer and maybe some lovely brass players but I don’t think that’s in the budget! Maybe a piano…

I thought I would just put it out there as it’s been over a year since I recorded my last EP (The Live EP, ) And I thought I’d throw a little bit more money at it this time instead of a £100 one day live recording. Something with an audience and a bunch of expensive microphones and maybe even some editing and other people involved!

‘We get to keep the money’

Who knows, It’ll take some planning and money! and a lot of patients. Just putting it out there! There won’t be a kickstarter or anything silly like that because it’ll hopefully pay for itself (Being a live concert an all.. see I’m a clever lady!)


Anyway, I’ve put it out into the universe! 2017 ambition… If we can’t get it all together a little concert here and there will do! Life is about compromising and learning to live with what you’re given and making the most of that!


There! Fly my pretties! out into the world!

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