Garden Chat: April Update

Here’s a non-harp post so show the range and variety in my life…yeah…? yeah.

so, when we last left our garden it looked like this!




Lil planty looked like this:


Since then the weather’s gotten a lot warmer and out lovely little garden looks like this!




Planty got a new pot!


It’s going pretty well!

The old rose that was here when we bought the house is going to bloom this year! I assume for the first time in a very long time, and we don’t know what colour it’s going to be!!! so that’s the main excitement!

Other than that, our herbs are doing well and we should get some pees, blueberries, raspberries (depending on how quickly it grows) and who knows what else we’ll plant.

One idea is to put a raised bed on the patio (once we’ve gravelled it to level it out) and have a bed specifically for growing our own vegetables!)

Another great gardeny project I’m in charge of is putting planters in my area, full of herbs and things people can pick and take home! which is a fun idea! I’ll probably do a post about that when it comes as it’s quite exciting!


ooh! also, we had a bbq!!!!!

Remember that weekend when it was really lovely weather?


We had a BBQ!!!!


A very pinterest thing I saw was to put lanterns along your garden to create a little bit of light as the sun goes down. It combines my two favourite things, Lanterns and gardening. It’s fundamentally useless and doesn’t really do anything, if you wanna see your garden path at night, get some lights. But if you wanna feel like a fancy lady of leisure as you drunkenly stagger to your bathroom after too much rosé, get some lanterns!!! Also, you can use the hooks for bird feeders and bird baths as I do, so that it’s not only decorative but also good for the birds!

That’s all folks!

Early Spring Gardening

This is not a harpy/musical post… this is about my garden! I know! change and variation is what you come here for!

I actually managed to take some photos for before and afters! but we’re still mid-progress so I’ll do another post in July-ish to see my garden in full glory!



So, bare in mind that I moved in in mid-August and there was nothing here but a giant rosmary bush (like HUGE!) and a climbing rose that they had just let grow straight up over the fence…

This is what it looked like, but there was a tomato plant that was riding the struggle bus all the way through august. And loads! (and I mean LOADS!) of beanpoles EVERYWHERE! for some reason they were everywhere!

So when we moved I dug up all my plants, put them in my car and drove over.

This is what my garden looked like in the old house

Maybe a better photo!

So I chopped up my roses, fuchsia, lavender, raspberry and blackberry and brought them over.


And surprisingly, most of them survived!



My Rose in early march looks a little happy and my fuchsia is gradually coming back.

Sadly my lavender died a death! it didn’t survive the move as well as the rest of the gang! So this week I had to buy a new one for that spot.


With the second flower bed I trained the rose, which is very old and is growning very healthily, which is great! and we planted some herbs, flowers, another lavender and hopefully some peas will grown for a tasty spring treat!

In the middle of my garden is ‘planty’ a young elder tree Sarah picked up for free from last year’s eisteddfod. Now he’s grown up nice and big!




Finally I planted out some bulbs to give some early spring colours!


Can’t wait for spring either way!


So what projects are left for the garden?


So in the coming spring, I’m hoping to gravel over the uneven payment of the patio, we think a shed used to live there and then they just ripped it up and left all the uneven concrete.

The second project is to put up a screen where the beanpoles have been set up to give a more secluded seating area. So, when I’m sat eating my lunch I’m not staring directly into my neighbours kitchen and then straight into my other neighbours garden. So, I’m going to put some fence posts in and then a trellis across and grow some evergreen climbers to make a little screen that doesn’t block out any light on the second flower bed but still makes the patio seem cosy and secluded. This is in leu of putting up a big fence on the wall because that would deeply upset my neighbour and ruin the lovely relationship I have with them.


The third project, which will probably happen next year is to build a corner pergola for my roses to climb up and over, but this is a big project that might need a lot of work.


Anyway, that’s my garden, late march! looking forward to spring!