DIwhy?!! You’ve got to make your own work.

So, by now I will have started my concert series, ‘Mid Week Music‘ Which, I’m almost certain will be a huge failure, but hey! I tried!

I wanted to start a concert series for a number of reasons:

  1. I am basically only good at performing
  2. I would like to be able to perform regularly for people who want to come listen
  3. I like supporting other musicians!
  4. I needed to diversify my income and actually have some sort of back up when busking is a wash out.

So, ‘Mid Week Music’ was born. (this is April that I’m writing this, so it’s either a complete mess or doing ok! we’ll see!)

This month I wanted to talk about ‘Making your own work’. As a creative, it is the only way you will get work. You can get gigs and everything else, but creating your own job is the only way you will actually have a job.

I always think of Shelly Fairplay  and Christy-Lyn, two very clever harpists with a lot of hustle.

Firstly, I think of Shelly’s harp ensemble ‘Dynamic Harps’, with is an amateur harp ensemble she founded and has run for years. She founded a harp ensemble because that’s what she wanted to teach, she saw that there wasn’t one in south wales and made one. A couple of years ago I bumped into her at a bank and she said ‘Eventually I’d just like to be teaching ensembles’, and she does! she created work for herself and it’s that sort of drive that I try and take with me into my ventures!

Secondly, is my social media friend Christy-lyn, she has a fab youtube that you should definitely look at, but she’s created videos for beginner harpists and people looking to know more about playing and all aspects of harping! (I even helped out for a ‘Harp Help’ Video, and I’m sure you can go watch that now!). Her use of social media and the internet in finding a niche for herself is something I also hope to emulate. She’s doing a great job!

One thing I wish musicians would realise when leaving university or college is that half the time you will have to make work for yourself. You will have to go to wedding fayres, advertise online, create groups and make actual jobs for yourself because for the most part a large hotel chain isn’t going to pick you off the street, let you work there for two years and pay you very little! You’ll have to put on your own concerts. And it is scary, knowing that you can fail, but if you’re going to fail at least it’s on your own terms, not sat behind some desk at a recruitment firm doing a job that google could do better than you. (have I stressed how much I hate ‘recruitment’ as a profession… there are too many of you! go get a real job!)

Anyway, If Mid Week Music is still going, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD COME TO IT! and if not, then at least I tried!