It’s 2018. Oh God, when does it end? When can I win?!?!

Despite this incredibly depressing title I’m actually in a very good place right now. Just thought I’d clear that up before anyone gets worried.

It is the nature of the beast, and last year’s New Year’s post was ‘Blurgh, Eye Roll, It just keeps going’ 

Today I thought I would look back on the past year, answer some questions that I previously had and update you on my ‘most comfortable life’. (The secret is cruise control, it was cruise control the whole time).

So, 2017 has been a lot ‘busier’ than 2016 by a factor of 100. I had more work, more weddings, more adventures and far more failures than anyone anticipated! The thing about having a growing business is that it grows, that’s it’s whole point. You build on it, year on year. And that’s what I’d like to stress to all the young musicians out there is that sure, you’re first year might be a bleak one but next year is gunna be better and the year after even better than that!

So, Part 1:

Being Less complacent and ungrateful.

I am content… or at least far more content that I used to be. I started going to a 7am yoga class in April and damn it if that hasn’t changed EVERYTHING! I am now fitter and far happier than I was before.

Similarly, over the summer there was a busker in my favourite pitch. ALL SUMMER! he would get there at 8am and would never finish… and he finally packed up his bags and went home in September, and I honestly have never been happier and more grateful to be able to walk into town and find my favourite pitch is completely empty. It’s such a nice feeling.

I think these two factors have played a huge part in my 2017 development.

Part 2:

Where I try to Structure my work week

The 7am yoga classes 4 days a week have REALLY helped this, if you have something to get you out of bed, let you leave the house and make sure you remember to shower every week then you basically have a built in schedule.

I have found this really lovely. Similarly, having my regular teaching slot on monday and teaching my community choir on Friday have added to this.

But most importantly the amount of gigs I’ve had this year is a lot more than before and that requires a lot of organisation, which has really helped me feel structured in my days.

It’s been really nice. I kind of feel like if this continues I can use it as an excuse to hire an unpaid intern and have them answer all my emails.

The House is fine, mine and Sarah’s friendship didn’t end and it’s all going fine…

Part 3:

Where I tried to improve myself in the past year.

Honestly, I feel like I nailed this one! 2017 has been a year of me just killing it! except financially, the first quarter was a MESS! I may as well have been in a coma or taken a 3 month sabbatical with how little money I actually made that quarter.

So, I didn’t have a formal resolution, but I did achieve a lot of the generic things people aim for. I did lose a bit of weight, which is nice but honestly not that important. I made actual friends! Which honestly, please take a moment out of reading this to let that sink in. I, an adult woman, made new adult friends in 2017, by talking to strangers and now they are my friends! I made a ton of friends from my yoga classes, from which I got a planter at the end of my street, joined up with the gardening community in my neighbourhood and helped my neighbour clear out their garden. I also joined a brass band briefly because of yoga and I also got out the house more. My back doesn’t hurt that much anymore, which is really refreshing for a harpist to say!

Anyway, was I more ‘authentic’ in my being? sure, why not? Did I wear flats to every party? No, because I was never invited to any parties. Did I eat better… well I ate a box of chocolate biscuits for lunch… sooo… I guess not. I mean no one’s perfect!

So, as far as ‘tangible goals’ cross-referencing with last year’s expectations for the year, here is a brief update.

  1. I did get better wine, but I think that was just through luck and a lot of guess work. Honestly, it’s impossible to tell, they should just start keeping wine in Bins and let people ‘lucky dip’ out bottles because honestly, who can tell from the label?!?!
  2. I did put on a concert series, ‘Mid Week Music’ and it failed spectacularly! Did I learn anything from it? Nope. Not really. Would I try it again? Probably not, it’s kinda the worst thing in the world putting on concerts. I like it when I can just turn up and do a concert and it doesn’t matter what happens because I get paid either way!
  3. I did record another album! It’s called ‘Gutsy’ and I did it alone in my office, next year I’ll do something better with friends I guess… who knows…
  4. New harp? CHECK! God, I love having a pedal harp… it’s so good! My korrigan now lives with my student, my bardic is now used for teaching and busking and honestly, I think it’s a perfect mix of big and small.

Part 4:

Where I accept myself for my flaws and failures and try to move on and live the best and happiest life I can.

If you aren’t reading along with last year’s post then this probably hasn’t made a whole lot of sense. However, if you were smart and now have them side-by-side here is a quick, lightening round section corresponding to last year’s section of the same name.

  1. phew! It’s nice to know I won’t be the one to blame for that.
  2. didn’t happen, but I did change cars to get my new giant harp about.
  3. Didn’t happen, but could always happen this year!
  4. Honestly, who knows…
  5. See above.

Section 2

  1. Yep! I did! I went through and expensed only my strings the first time round… that was so stupid…
  2. Yeah… maybe this year! Who knows! might try and get some arts council funding!
  3. No one did, and guess what. I survived!
  4. Some weeks you go under, some weeks you go over, that’s life!
  5. It’s ok, but a little rocky at times. It’s part of being a grownup.

Part 5:

Goodbye and Goodluck!

Well… I hope you enjoyed this re-cap of 2017, I didn’t really specify what I wanted to do in 2018.. I guess I could only sum it up as ‘More of the same’. It’s going pretty well and I’m pretty happy with my career and how it’s all working out. If I could change one thing I think I would just like someone to answer all my emails, who also moves all my instruments for me and has a sweet house I get to hang out in, maybe with an indoor pool! that’d be cool.

Anyway, Happy 2018! I hope you all find your pool-having interns too!


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