Getting through January with my acquaintance Brenda.

Remember summer?

When everything was in bloom and pretty?

These were all shots of my garden!!! SOOOO sunny and warm and there were flowers!!! and sunshine!


I think my whole house suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) we’re all mad and cranky and no one is happy until the end of march!

Anyway, my garden looks like this now:

We’re putting in gravel on the seating area to level it out! so that’s a work in progress! (also I’m using a plastic container as a green house to see how well that works!)


There’s still lots of colour, lots of things happening! there’s still loads of rocket growing that’s pretty tasty!


The willow is budding up and it’s so fluffy and cute! I have to really resist stroking them and picking them off! I may have done that to one already…

A few small things are in flower, and brenda is having a blast exploring!


She moves too much to get a nice picture of her playing outside!

August Wildflower garden


January Garden

In the wildflower garden it’s just wallflowers I threw into the bed in mid-september and they really stuck! so definitely a good move!


It’s a work in progress, I think the issue with a small new garden is that you don’t get a lot of height immediately and you sort of have to wait for it to grow and I think I’m still in the stages of planning and moving stuff around and trying to work out what I want there.



Upcoming projects:


  • After cleaning out next door’s overgrown Buddleja forest and we’re planting a wildflower meadow, it’s easy to maintain, you only need to mow it once a year and it’ll be great for wildlife!
  • My community garden down the end of the street got £75 in funding so we’re planting roses and more plants and getting the local primary school involved in planting it up! which is pretty awesome!
  • I’m starting a local Parks groups to tidy up my neighbourhood green spaces! which is pretty awesome!
  • I’m planning on growing more veg as I’m terrible at it, I’m far more of an ornamental gardener and I don’t really have a great track record… but I’m going to try more!
  • I’m growing more from seed this year, and trying to get more of a cottage garden look in my little city garden, might start a spin off blog about that…

The end.

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