Preparing to die in Relative Obscurity: My Theory.

I have a theory. Now, it is much like my theory that my parents were funding my residency at the hilton (which has yet to be confirmed or denied!!!!) but it’s that level of paranoid.

My theory is that there is some secret cabal of the press that doesn’t like me. Like once I spilled wine on a Wales online reporter and they were like ‘oh boy! Sam Hickman will NEVER get featured in our publication!!!’.

I have this theory because I am never mentioned in the press… or on any local or public platform, despite having working for years. My main example of this is this article from wales online:

Not only do I busk more frequently than half of these men (and they are all men… what a surprise…) but I have been doing it for far longer than a lot of them as well….

I also shared a buzzfeed article recently that had ‘harps’ playing in the hayes… as if there are just a hole gang of us…

Anyway, I went to an event yesterday and one of the women I was talking to said ‘Why has no one does a story on your work yet?!’ and I said ‘I don’t know’ and I’ve been saying ‘I don’t know’ for the last 3 years!!!! Honestly, I just want someone to notice me so I can go places… and by ‘go places’ I mean, ‘maybe tour’… who knows!?

But i think it happens when I put on concerts and try to get traction on things. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a lady, harpist or just terrible at everything but I can never NEVER get any damn attention when I’m trying to do things!

What a mess.


Anyway, I’ll stop complaining and get back to work I guess.



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