Aesthetics are everything in this game.

I’ve said it a lot, but I honestly believe if I lost half my body weight and dyed my hair blonde I wouldn’t have to work as hard. And while I’m a little bit like ‘no… that’s not how the world works’, I’m also pretty sure that this would be the case.

My whole job is Aesthetics.

I am obsessed with Ambience and aesthetics, which is a good thing. If you’ve ever seen pictures of my house you’ll know how many god damn lamps I own… I am so obsessed with lighting that I have thought about taking spotlights to gigs just incase the concert venue didn’t have lighting, I haven’t done this yet but I am very sure I will if I ever get a bigger car!

In my house aesthetic is king. Every room has at least two lamps, all the down stairs lights are on timers and every room is layed out in a way that, if you were to film it, it would be visually pleasing (with some camera trickery so that you couldn’t see the piles of garbage lining some of the walls). I am into my mood-lighting!

When you are a musician your primary goal is your ‘ART!’ your ‘Craft’. When you work as a musician your primary goal is to not get fired, keep the money and pay the rent. Therefore, when you play at events your main job is just to set the tone. No one is listening to me when I play at fancy events, but they will hear the tone of the harp and the style that I’m playing with and subconsciously respond to that.

Similarly, the main component of playing the harp IS the harp. People don’t hire me for their wedding because they like the sound of the harp, they do it because they like the sound of the harp and the look of the instrument. If you like the sound just play a CD. Having a giant imposing instrument that’s taller than most people (and this is a country where I, a towering 5’6, am sometimes the tallest in the room) is a form of spectacle. But like a classy spectacle, like a dog wearing a tuxedo…

This is all to say that my job is mostly about appearances. Sure, I can play the hell out of a harp, but I have gotten far more work from having nice photos and good public image. How you present yourself in this industry is incredibly important.

I’ve sort of run out of things to say about this theory. But I’m sure I will be back later on to repeat myself and add more!


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