I Hate This Part

Every year, without fail, I will completely forget January, February and March exist… Every year.

Hello friends,

Finally winter is here… ‘yay’, said no one. I have never met a person who’s said ‘my favourite month is March. This time of year is the worst, the days are short and it’s freezing. And if you’re a free-lance harpist who basically survives off busking and playing at weddings you basically just have to ‘sit tight’ and wait for spring.

Every year I say to myself ‘oh I should save up money and maybe take a vacation in January’ I never have any work, I’m always sitting in a cold house waiting for work to come in and I have literally nothing to do… last year I had a rare ‘busy winter’, where I wrote an album (BUY IT ON ITUNES https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-only-song-in-my-heart-is-for-you/1435003303 ) and also performed in an art installation.

This Year I have 1 event a month for the next three months. I had a drinks reception last week, I have a wedding this weekend and then my next actual work is the 17th of March…. I have literally no work and it’s freezing outside and I do not want to go busking… in the spring and autumn I like a little ‘extra busk’, which is what I call it when I’ve hit my financial target for the week by doing an event but I still manage to get out and busk, this is helpful because sometimes when you have absolutely nothing in your diary and it’s raining all week you can’t get out and make any money… This is probably made worse by my winter depression… and yes, before you say it, I do have a SAD lamp, thanks! It was £80 on amazon because it’s one of the fancy day light alarm clocks…

I’m trying to get outside more and go for walks, get more exercise and generally try and do more ‘projects’ even if it’s just ‘What’s meal planning and where do I find out about it?!’.

A couple of things that I think will help this year:

  1. I’m not doing a job where I play the same 3 minute pop song over and over again for 3 hours a day 2 days a week for £96 a day and I’m unable to busk because it rains a bunch
  2. I have a laptop which means I can sit in my beautifully light kitchen rather than sitting in my dark dark office which never sees the sun!

So with that in mind I have to try and figure out what I can do for the next 3 months (April is a deceptively cold month but warms and gets busier by the end) that doesn’t cost a bunch of money and that gets me outside or at least out of the house.


It’s meant to snow this afternoon… sooo… that’ll be fun.